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About Us

We work primarily with small or new non-profits looking to impact a big change in their community. Our niche is  integrating evidence based methods  and research to each grant proposal, workshop, and consultation, which contributes largely to our clients' success. 

 Our average success rate for first grant awards among our Colorado client base  is 74%, compared to the national average of 40%. Our success rate for repeat grants is over 90%.

In addition to grant writing we offer consulting services in business management, technical writing, fundraising, evaluation, and budgeting.  

Our Mission

Empowering nonprofits to reach their peak potential

Our Vision

To see each client we work with impact meaningful and sustainable change 

Our Values

 Honesty, Integrity, Transparency, and Passion for the Greater Good

Meet The Team


McKenzie LeTendre, MSW, MPH, PhD Student

Co-founder, Senior Grant Writer, Researcher, Data Analyst and Program Developer


Cathy Steiner, BA, EGC & CTA Certified Coach

            Grant Writer and Editor


Emily Harkless, MPH

Co-founder, Senior Grant Writer, Evaluation Expert, and Program Planner


Heather Kudebeh , BA 

Executive Assistant and Database Manager 

What now? To request your free consultation, please reach out to one of us (or both!) and we will get you started today.    303-641-0286     303-717-0200 

general inquires:

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