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Grant Writing Services and Support for Colorado 501c3 organizations and Mission Driven For-Profits:

 At Summit Grant Strategies we recognize that when it comes to being awarded a grant, it takes time; sometimes up to 6 or 9 months before the funding comes in.  This is where we are different, we offer lower introductory rates than our leading competitors and together we set the annual budget and realistic deliverables. After 12 months this is re-evaluated, and at any time during the 12 months you can pause our services without a penalty.

Please contact us for current rates. 

Charting the Course

  1.  Learning all about you! Understanding your mission, vision and values, reviewing financials, budgets, and program and evaluation design, getting to know your board and what makes you tick.

  2. Next steps:  is your business primed to receive grant funding within the next 12 months?  What needs to happen first?

  3. These additional steps may involve strategic planning, assisting with budgets, program planning, evaluating the mission statement and brand, and more.

  4. Creating the Map: You will receive a proposal with the recommended customized services and an hourly fee structure most appropriate to your organization's needs. 

Base Camp

Developing your Grant Drive:

  • General grant narrative including information most often requested from funders. This will be provided in the form of a Colorado Common Grant Application narrative. It will be professionally written, edited, and has an interactive table of contents for ease of use.

  • Formatted attachments required for most grant proposals based on the information provided

  • A grant database with at least three recommended funders/foundations to apply for within the next 6 months.

Your Trail Guides

1) Primary Grant Writing: research grant opportunities, develop and submit grant proposals, assist in developing evaluation strategies (such as surveys), contact team members regarding grant specific documents, maintain grant deadlines and reporting deadlines, offer assistance or even write the grant reports when appropriate, and much more.

2) Consulting:  providing assistance and advice only when you need it, so you will be taking the lead in writing and organizing your grants and you can reach out to us when you have a question or need advice on a specific application. We can also edit your documents once you have written them.


3) Mentorship: we are available to do all of the above while also mentoring one of your staff or volunteers in grant writing. When mentoring our hourly rates are increased by 15%. This is a way for your organization to integrate grant writing as an internal process with your team. For however long is necessary, we will train someone from your team until they are empowered to successfully apply for and receive grant funding without our assistance. However we would always be available to you as a consultant.

SGS On Belay Workshops

Our On Belay workshops cover a variety of topics such as developing a meaningful mission statement, outlining your vision and values, evaluation strategies, or facilitating strategic planning retreats  covering many different topics When our team is “on belay” it means that we are your anchor point, holding space for you as you make the climb towards financial sustainability while creating the impact you are so passionate about.

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