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Take Your Non-Profit One Step Further

We specialize in empowering small to mid-sized
non-profit organizations chart the course for achieving financial growth and sustainability.

Summit Grant Strategies

At Summit Grant Strategies, we recognize that obtaining funding through grants is a multitiered, multi-phased process, much like climbing a mountain. Consider us your trail guides and supporters in this dynamic upward climb, leading you through this process in a deliberate and thoughtful way. While we specialize in helping newer 501(c)3 organizations obtain grant funding, we also offer services to established nonprofits and mission-driven, for-profit organizations

The Process

To begin, we offer a free one-hour phone or Zoom consultation with the Executive Director/Board Members of your organization. This is how we learn about each other and determine whether a partnership is a good fit. We set expectations during this consultation and are transparent about our fee structure.


Charting the course:  The next step involves  a written agreement to move forward and gathering information from your financial statements, budgets, previous grant narratives, annual reports, and evaluation strategies. This is a collaborative process that requires a lot of your participation. We are available to you at any time during this period to answer questions.

Mobilizing:  After we have received and analyzed the materials, we schedule a meeting with your Executive Director and/or Board to discuss strategies moving forward. At this point we will customize our services to meet your needs, and we do much more than grant writing. Our services encompass all areas of Non-Profit consulting, which is often necessary when developing a grant proposal

Preparing to Climb

Why Us

Developing a successful grant proposal is truly a team effort and we love working with organizations who are passionate about making a difference. Whether you need a foundation for developing a successful funding stream, or have your foundation and need periodic consulting and writing services, we've got you covered. We work closely with you, involving you in the process as much or as little as you need. After we have been working together, if you feel empowered to apply for grants on your own, we will be cheering you on 


We bring to the table experience that extends from leadership in small non-profits to managing large government grants. We know what it takes to achieve growth. And we love that process.We hope you will too.

What now? To request your free consultation

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